WHY turkeyarchaeotrek?

  • Because you will feel like a traveller, not a turist.
  • Because you will travel with experienced, warm, fun, knowledgeable guides specialized in culture and nature
  • Because you will see your destination in small groups with limited numbers of participants, not running everywhere but slowly, digesting everything you see while learning, communicating and having fun at the same time.
  • Because not only will you be doing sightseeing but also you will be able to experience local habits, and feel as if you are actually part of the local community.
  • Because even when you are visiting a very popular destination, you will experience the sight as far from the crowds as possible, following ALTERNATIVE ROUTES.
  • Because you will be contributing to ecotourism* by travelling with an agency that is very dedicated to the ecotourism philosophy.
  • Because you will meet people who see their travels and their lives from an ALTERNATIVE point of view; by choosing to travel through BAŞKA ROTA – ALTERNATIVE ROUTE.

* Ecotourism: A concept in toursim that aims to protect and sustain the local factors and all the local values of the visited destination.