As Turkeyarchaeotrek, we organize specialized tours for private group, schools and companies.

If you would like to travel privately with friends and family, we can organize a tour or an activity just for you at the time and place of your choice.

Wouldn’t you like to take your team building activities out of the office and into the nature? The nature is the best place for people to get to know one another and to enhance the communication and motivation among the team members. We have always experienced that facilitation skill training in the nature has very good feedbacks and is very good at supporting the notion of sharing responsibilities.

In this day and age when everything has become digitalized, we would like our children to be in tune with the nature. So whenever we organize a school trip for children of various ages we always make sure we add some kind of interaction for kids with the environment. We know difference it makes for children to be able to spend some time in the nature.

With our “Camping in the Nature” concept, we are trying to bring back the communication that has been long lost by sitting by the camp fire under the starts and just having relaxed conversations as a group or listening to professional story tellers, whether it be with children or with adults.