Our tour company was founded in 2015 as a Group A member of TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies). We base our principles on ecotourism, which has become a popular type of tourism in the recent years. Even though our agency is young, our team consists of professionals of the subject who love their job and lifestyle and who have contributed a lot to Turkey’s understanding of ecotourism.

We continue to work as eagerly as we did during our foundation with our experienced and specialized professional tour leaders.


We always try to introduce a region in its entirety, including its history, nature and culture. Our aim is not for people to see something from afar, but instead for them to experience the visited place and live it like a local. While doing this we make sure we support the locals as much as possible and leave as little trace as possible behind us. In short, we work for the sustainability of the local life in the areas we visit.


By executing our tours in an eco-friendly manner, we try to protect the environment and make this our focal point both in our personal and professional lives.

We aim to discover and protect regional cultures. In this respect we introduce Turkey’s unique nature and rich culture to both local and foreign tourists.


It is a type of tourism that is sensitive towards the nature, that aims to protect it and supports the local life both socially and economically.

The concept of ecotourism was born from the awareness of the damage that mass tourism has on the environment and the local life. Ecotourism is a sustainable and non-consumerist style of traveling.

Even though the concept of ecotourism is rather new in Turkey, it consists of various tourism activities that are already known to the local society such as alternative tourism, wild-life tourism, adventure tourism, culture tourism.

Ecotourism is carried out with small groups of tourists and uses small establishments run by local people or families in order to create a flow of economy from the city to the rural. It creates a variety of economical income for the rural society. It also aims for the locals to see their own environment and culture as an important value and thus protect it for future generations.


These are tours during which we try to find our inner peace by getting away from the crowded and noisy cities, enjoy to nature, take walks and make friends.

- Our tours are designed for people with varying time schedules. They can be day-trips, weekend tours, long-weekends (3-4 days) or weekly trips.

- Our day trips are organized in the vicinity of Istanbul and Izmir.

- Our weekend and long weekend tours mainly start off from Izmir and Istanbul and go to various destinations all around the country.

- The main destinations for our weekly tours are Antalya, Muğla or Eastern Black-Sea. The tours start from airports or bus stations of the city in concern.

Unless specially requested otherwise, our walks are not of a difficult level and are designed according to the geography of the region for everyone to enjoy.


Our main inspiration for the term 'archaeo-trek' was archaeology and it derives from two words; arkhaios in ancient Greek: old and trek in English: long and difficult journey.

These tours are conducted in areas famous for their ancient history; but during these tours we do not just visit archaeological sites and museums, we also do treks in the interesting surroundings. Sometimes we cross valleys and sometimes we go beyond mountains but we always learn about the history and the culture of the region while being active in the nature.

Our archaeo-trekking tours can be day-trips, weekend trips or weekly trips.


These are specially designed tours for those who are looking for adventure and peace at the same time.

Yoga tours: These tours are accompanied by a yoga teacher. We offer yoga lessons while enjoying the nature and listening to birds chirping and streams flowing.

We have many alternatives for those who are looking for real adventures:

3937: On this tour we hike up to the peak of the Kaçkar Mountain, hosting a breathtakingly beautiful view. Since this tour consists of long walks it requires good physical condition. But it doesn't necessarily require previous mountaineering experience so it can be your first mountain peak trail.

4x4: One other kind of tour that we offer are the 4x4 tours conducted with all-terrain vehicles. Do not think of these tours as safari tours. They are designed to take participants to the hidden gems of the country that are extremely difficult or would take a very long time to reach otherwise. These tours are designed as long-weekend tours (4 days). 4 participants share one vehicle and thus everyone can experience being a driver and being a passenger. On all tours there will be a specialized and well-experienced 4x4 tour leader and an assistant.

On special requests we can arrange story-telling, diving, pilates and rafting tours accompanied by a specialist of the subject in concern.


Who does not dream of sitting around a camp fire and chat... Who wouldn't want to wake up to the singing of birds.

We organize specialized camping trips for both adults and children. On our camping trips for kids we also teach them interesting facts about camping.

It doesn't matter if you don't own a mat, a tent or a sleeping bag. Başka Rota has equipment for 40 people! On our camping tours all our equipment is shipped to the camp site, so all you have to do is to enjoy the nature!


We organize alternative winter tours.

Our most alternative tour is “Gito in the Winter” on which we take a 4-6 hour walk (depending on the amount of snow) up to a highland (yayla) used by the locals only in the summer and we stay in one of the houses for 3 days with no-one else around, with no electricity, telephone or internet connection. It is the perfect opportunity to isolate one-self from stress and to enjoy communal life and to have fun in the snow.

On our Erzurum – Kars – Sarıkamış tour we experience the Orient Express. We ride the horse carriage on the frozen Çıldır Lake, take forest walks in the snow in Sarıkamış and of course visit the snow-covered beautiful ancient city of Ani.

We visit the summer hit Olympos and maybe even take a winter swim in the Mediterranean after which we go up the Tahtalı Peak and play snowball.


Sometimes our own boundaries seem too narrow for us and we overflow to other countries and regions like the Balkans, the Czech Republic, Cuba, Everest Base Camp, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Iceland, Ethiopia, Mexico, Cambodia, Cuba. We continue to add new destinations to our tours abroad.

We keep in with our ecotourism principles abroad as well. Besides seeing the popular tourist destinations, we also visit national parks, forests, villages and ecotourism centers to discover the nature of the region.


A professional photographer accompanies these tours. As well as gaining experience and travelling as a photographer the participant also gets to know the culture and the geography of the region. These tours are designed for photographers to work on their photographs without having to rush.